The above phrase sounds untrue but taking a second to reflect on it, one would realize the truth it oozes.

Some time ago, I got some writing opportunities that formed the foundation for my writing career. I was excited about the opportunities; they were unusual and rare. I had long waited for them and was barely by myself. I couldn’t wait to get started on the projects but then as I took the first step towards getting started, I realized I won’t have a smooth sail in my career because I didn’t have a personal computer. I had one I used but then I wanted something that was mine. I craved for it. Longed. Thirsted. Prayed. And even cried for one.

My excuse for wanting one badly was hinged on flexibility. I reasoned that if I had one that was mine I would be able to work at any time and from anywhere. I didn’t get one hence I became depressed. I smiled, I laughed, and even danced but it was all tainted by the jab of sadness I feel each time I recall that I still don’t have that which I crave desperately.

Eventually, I got mine and surprisingly I wasn’t happy. All along, while I longed for it, I had consoled myself that I would be happy once I got mine but what I thought was going to be a sense of fulfillment and victory was readily tainted by some other worrying thoughts that made me deny myself of the sensation of happiness that I thought would wash over me when I get a PC.

What jumped out at me is that we make conscious efforts to be happy each day we get the opportunity to be alive. Happiness isn’t something we procrastinate on. Happiness is a conscious emotion we feel, it is deliberate and intentional. It is not a final destination as we don’t say that I would be happy when I get this or that. It is a journey we must make each day. It is also an experience we must have to make each day count. Life will usually give you a thousand reasons to be depressed but it’s up to you to choose one of those reasons and turn it into your brightest light.

If you are not happy with your life at the moment because you think you lack something that would have added color to your world, chances are that you still won’t be happy when the color comes around because there will be other issues lurking around the corner ready to deny you the bliss that should be yours.

And one thing unhappiness does to us is that it unconsciously eats away at our peace. We begin to live our lives outside God’s promise of peace because each day we are worrying and fretting about things we barely have control over. We deny ourselves of our heritage in God which asks us to rejoice at all times. We contradict God’s words and question his ability to really supply our needs. We also simply tell God that there is nothing you’ve done today that is worth me being happy about, nothing new, nothing amazing, nothing spectacular. I will keep my happy feelings and express them when you’re ready to be God in my life.

If you do not cultivate the habit of being happy with yourself now, you won’t be happy when the dream job, perfect partner, child, car, opportunities, etc. comes.

You should start each day with a positive affirmation that no matter what happens during the day, nothing will steal your joy. Nothing will deny you of the peace and bliss found in Christ. With this, you will realize that there will be a different glow to your life and you will begin to notice the beautiful colors you’ve been oblivious to all along.

Be happy today.

Not tomorrow.

Because tomorrow never really comes.






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