Toluwani 25


            Ife tapped Sola on the shoulder gently but he did not budge. She tapped him the second and the third time, it was the same response. He was lost and trapped somewhere in his imaginations. 

She turned her full glare on him. She wondered who or what he was peeking at. She stared straight at the dance floor where Sola's eyes were fixed. She could tell that whatever he was looking at had him entrapped. She craned her head to glare at the bodies of people gliding here and there on the dance floor. There were bodies of men and women. Different shapes, distinct personalities, styles, attitudes, and passion. She peered on, she couldn't unravel which of them it was that held Sola spellbound.

Anger was gradually building up within her, she stilled it from amassing into a crescendo. Her anger had been stirred right from the minute she stepped out of the car with Sola by a rude middle-aged woman, whom she later learnt was Mrs. Ireola, Tolu's mum.

Little wonder she never liked her daughter, she knows Tolu definitely takes after her mother. But then a hen will always breed after her own kind, isn't it? 

She shoved thoughts of Tolu and her mother with the big mouth out of her head. She would deal with them later. And one thing she would ensure she does is to deal with them properly, in a manner they won't forget hurriedly. Right now, she has Sola, and what has ensnared him to worry about. 

She peered on, hoping to see what it was, she still did not see anything unusual or eye-catching. It was the same dance floor. More people have thronged into the floor, nearly choking the couple in the small circle they formed. The couple, however, didn't seem to be bothered, they also twisted their bodies here and there to keep up with the fast-paced music. 

She had nearly turned away but her eye caught a glimpse of a familiar face. She turned her head instantly to pay attention to it but whoever she had seen changed her dance style and so had her back her. she waited patiently for the person to manoeuvre to face her. But the person didn't for some minutes which seemed like forever to Ife.

When the person finally turned, she let out a gasp.

It was Tolu!

She instantly turned to glance at Sola to be sure she wasn't making assumptions but when she saw something like hurt and betrayal shift in Sola's eyes. She knew what it was without having to have anyone explain it to her.

Sola had been lost to her because of Tolu. He had been staring at Tolu nonstop in the last fifteen minutes. If Tolu had noticed she couldn't say because she was obviously enjoying her dance fiesta with a handsome man she couldn't name. She noted that they were having fun and an emotion of dislike towards Tolu rushed into her chest.

Tolu was having fun with another man while she held hers trapped. She knew she had to step in at this point.

"Sola!" She hit him roughly on the elbow. 

Sola who was still having a tornado of emotions raging through his head gave a mumbled "yes" as a response.

This response even angered Ife more. She slammed their table angrily sending the cutleries and empty water bottles onto the floor. A few of the plates tumbled and all of the other wedding guests sharing their table were jolted in terror. 

The slamming broke Sola from his trance instantly. He was speedily transported from the dance floor where Tolu danced with a stranger to the table he shared with Ife and other party guests.

When he looked at the table and saw the mess Ife had created he was furious, more at Tolu than her but he needed to let out his frustration.

"Ife, what in God's name is this?" he asked as he referred to the mess both on the floor and the table. 

"It implies what you get when you have no respect for your woman," Ife flung back.

"What in God's name are you insinuating?"  he demanded. He was already raising his voice. Besides that, he could feel the hair at the back of his neck rising too and they were starting to create a scene.

Those who shared their table and a few closeby were beginning to stare at them. He didn't like that for any reason but Ife was proving unreasonable. 

Or things were going beyond his control.

"Sola, I'm having none of this! Earlier on it was her mother now it's her. I can promise you that you both won't want to mess with me" Ife spotted.

Sola's anger changed to confusion. He understood that Ife had been trying to draw his attention and had most likely caught him starring at Tolu with all the love he felt for her. He was embarrassed but he doesn't like the drama Ife is putting up. Neither does he understand what she said about disrespect.

"Ife could you please take things easy. Let's go have this conversation outside or elsewhere."

 They were starting to pull a crowd.  People were beginning to cluster round their table to have a glimpse of the drama. 

"No way! We are talking about it right here, where she and her mother would realize the havoc they've both caused to my relationship!" 

By now, half of the party attendees were now enjoying the drama unfolding between the man and woman who seemed to be couples. 

Sola made an effort to control his rage. Ife was poking at his anger in a way no one had ever done. He was losing his head but he knew he had to control the situation first, he was the man after all.

"Ife, this would be better sorted out there, not here," he tried again. 

He reached out his hand to grab Ife's elbow to haul her towards the entrance but she shrieked and said "let me be!" And as she did, she gave their table a kick, sending all the leftovers, remaining cutleries, bottles of wine, and glasses crashing onto the floor.

This brought all the noise and music in the hall to a halt. Every pair of eyes in the big hall was on them including Tolu's, his mum, his dad, and Dapo with his bride.

Right there, Sola almost passed out. In his entire life, he had never had to face a mortification as horrifying as this. 

He raised his head slowly to look at Ife who had a defiant look on her face. He noticed that some of the cutleries had scampered into the dance floor. Tiny pieces of glasses littered everywhere close to them. He also saw that the soup from the Amala someone on their table had requested had smeared the decoration close to where the cake stood.

The table also lay by its side an inch from where Dapo and Ayo's wedding cake stood. If Ife had kicked the table a little harder, the wedding cake would have toppled. Liquid trickled out of the broken wine glasses and flowed in a straightforward pattern towards the entrance creating a disorderly mess.

Heat rushed into Sola's face. His hands were shaking terribly and his body was vibrating. 

Ife had gone overboard.

He felt everyone in the hall waiting. It was like they were waiting for him to do or say something. What it was he couldn't tell but he guess it had to do with Ife. 

In a swift action, he grabbed Ife's hand while also yanking her bag off her seat, he half dragged and half pulled her towards the exit. He felt everyone's eyes on their backs as he pulled her. 

He was mad beyond reason, Ife had nearly ruined his reputation. People made way for them as they came close to the exit, and immediately they stepped out of the hall, the lull that had taken over the hall disappeared. 

He could hear people's murmuring building up in low voices.

He knew they had successfully given bloggers and gist-lovers something to talk about for the rest of the year. 

To be continued......

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