Letters to the One to Come - 11

Dear One-to-come, 

While waiting to find me, what are filling your mind with?

What thoughts do you sleep and wake up with?

Are they thoughts of sex and sexualism? 

Do you fantasize only about the sexual things we'd do together when we meet?

Are your thoughts pure, noble and lovely? 

You see, sexual purity is not restricted to the body.

It has more to do with a chaste mind than avoiding to lay with a woman.

One preacher I respect said the bane of infidelity in marriage is not lack of self-control but the thoughts you harbour in your heart

If you don't control lust in your heart while you're single, marriage won't curb it. 

I know you are not doing it.

I know you won't kiss her. 

I know you won't lie with her.

But is your mind agreeing with your body?

I hope your mind is not a brothel where filthiness and it's vices feast.

I won't only keep my body waiting for you, you'd meet a chaste bride. 

Unsoiled, pure and blemish-free. 

I am praying for you that you'd be pure both in body and spirit.

You will overcome. 

I am also on my guard.

I will write again.

All my love, 

Rebekah 🤍


  1. It's great you wanna stay chaste.
    Its great you also want him to be chaste.
    But, how will your sexual life be?
    Two amateurs trying to figure out what sex is, when they're supposed to have the fun of their lives in marriage.

    1. Well, I strongly opine that the beauty of it is two partners discovering themselves in marriage.

      If I had been with others, even if it's a couple of numbers before him, I would definitely have expectations, and if he doesn't meet them wahala ni.

      And it's vice versa, too.

      Also, on chastity of the mind, what good does it do a man or woman to burn in vain when you can rest now and have peace and the comfort of intimacy in marriage later?

      Again, I strongly believe that the burning is a torturous waste of emotion because you won't do it.

      Thanks for reading and the feedback.

  2. A chaste bride I stannnnn, restannn and pakistannnn!!!! Weldone Bekah👌👌👌

  3. Well done
    A good one.
    Chastity and purity of the mind...I know grace is released already...


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