Letters to the One to Come - Birthday

Dear One-to-come, 

It's my birthday today and my heart is full. 

It is full because I had so much expectations, bag full of them. 

Some have come through, some have died, while some are springing up.

The ones that died, not that I let them go easily.

I threw a whole lot of tantrums. 

I was angry, pissed, bitter and furious at why God won't allow them come to pass.

I kicked and fought.

I cried and whimpered.

I thought I would die if God didn’t make them happen.

I am not flattering, One-to-come.

I held onto those things firmly and would rather imagine my life with them than without them.

But guess what? 

All of those things I thought I would die without, I didn't get any of them. 

Not even one. 

The Lord gently took my hands off them and gave me peace. 

The pruning was painful but I survived. 


Rather, I have been opened up to new spheres of influence. 

I was opened up to a new world where those things I wanted might not have mattered. 

Do I still want them? Yes.

But do I want them badly as much as I did? No. 

Instead of having all of those things, the Lord blessed me with amazing friendship.

I am enjoying this within and outside my family.

To be honest, 2022 is the year I could really be vulnerable with people without fear of being taken advantaged of.

The Lord lavished his choicest gift of men on me.

I told someone that this was the circle I prayed for and I wasn't joking. 

In 2016 when I had just finished my National Diploma program, I was lost, confused and didn't know where to turn to.

I remember asking God for Godly friends. 

The prophecy wasn't full-blown me until 2022. 

I would say again that he has blessed me.

These people have tended and cared for me, took my worries and made them theirs.

I hope you would join their list, too.

It's 25 years today.

I have so many mixed feelings trying to rise to my throat.

But one feeling I am sure of is the fact that I am grateful.

Dear One-to-come, the Lord our God has blessed and favored me. 

I am still occupying for you to come. 

I will do this well, I promise. 

I will write again.

All my love,



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