Letters to the One to Come - 13


Dear One-to-come, 

Do you know how to wash plates? 

Can you sweep, change bulbs and make beds?

Can you boil rice and cook egusi?

See, a preacher I respect said what happens in marriage is not the dates and eat-outs that matter, but the daily home maintenance you do.

I have heard about some men who all they do in their own house is sleep, make babies, eat and shout.

They would rather sit in front of a sports game than assist with anything.

They are as good as visitors in their own homes.

Before you grumble and complain about your ego.

Let me ask.

Now that you are a bachelor, who does your dishes, laundry, and other house chores? 

Do you dump these responsibilities on others or leave them lying around till I come? 

I find it ironic when people suggest getting a wife as the antidote to laziness.

In all my bouts of laziness, not a single person has told me that getting a husband would cure it.

Not one! 

It's the same literally.

I strongly opine that if you can't take good care of yourself, the chances you will be able to care for someone's daughter is slim. 

I am gearing up too, learning all the home skills required to keep our home in shape.

I want us to grow our children in a home that boosts their physical and mental health.

I look forward to cooking you nutritious meals that strengthen your body for the journey ahead. IYKYK 

See, I understand that what works for A, won't necessarily work for B.

What matters is finding a balance that can help to make our home work which I believe involves tons of teamwork.  

I will write again.

All my love, 
Rebekah 🤍

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