Letters to the One to Come - 23

Dear Ẹniìfé, 

Happy new year, beloved.

My lips are curved in a smile same way my fingers are arched over my pad as I reflect upon the past year. 

Everyone saw some dose of shege. It was almost the only national cake that was being served. 

You probably stopped being resilient after all your plans fell apart. 

You might have even stopped listening to the melody of your soul because of the outward noise. 

(PS: This picture has nothing to do with the post. I simply love the way the lights seem to be emerging.)

But all these doesn't imply that you're no longer in charge. 

You simply need to draw inwards and make those plans again.

You can and will thrive.

You might even be apprehensive about drawing up new plans for the year because of how the last one went. 

I don't know if it is fine to start the new year without a blueprint but I know you're not the only one in such place. 

It's okay not to have it altogether.

It's fine to simply want to breathe, live and survive. 

Your life is bright, so is your light. 

You might have spent most of the last 365 days sniffing into tissues and silencing the deafening voices in your head, just know that you are a different kind of wonder.  

Ẹniìfé, the world is not ready for your wonder that will be unveiled this year. Not even you.  

You are tenacious; brave; smart; confident; courageous and different. 

More than ever before, know that your favorite human is rooting for you.

                            (Even this too. The aesthetics couldn't allow me not to add it to this letter.)

Again, Eniìfé, this year, do not pour yourself into anyone who is not willing to be poured into.

You'd lose yourself while at it and it is an expensive price to pay to save any relationship. 

You are enough, complete and adequate; for the right people.

Your biggest fan is saying welcome to 2023. 

I will write again.

All my love, 
Rebekah 🤍

P.S: I am compiling 50 of my letters. 
Watch out for one of the most intriguing poetry compilation your hands will ever find. 


  1. “It's okay not to have it altogether. It's fine to simply want to breathe, live and survive.” Like always, a found a piece of me in today's letter. Regardless of some of the disappointments of the previous year, it can only get better as long as we shift away from that place of sadness. Thank you for penning these beautiful thoughts.

    1. I am glad you enjoy them as usual.

      Thanks for always dropping a comment.🥰

  2. This particularly reminds me never to give up, I am tenacious; brave; smart; confident; courageous and different. Thanks for the beautiful read!

    1. It is my absolute pleasure! Thanks for always dropping a comment. 🥰


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