Dear Christian Sister, Catch Your Sub


The last time I wrote to the brothers, some of them came out to say they were being accused unjustly and demanded that their side of the story be narrated too. So today, I have come to give justice to the brothers because my ears are also full. 

Dear Christian Sister, why do you accept a brother's proposal just to make him a backup plan? Why do you give him a yes when you know you are dutifully engaged and your wedding is months away? Why do you keep asking him "Why are you not checking up on me?" when you are already basking in the arms of another man?

It is wicked to accept someone's proposal while still looking out for your original partner. I am not asking you to settle for less but if you must give into a proposal, ensure you are doing so for what it really means. Ensure you are saying yes because you really want to be with him.

Don't you think it is wicked that someone is dating you and they stumble on pictures of your wedding to someone else by accident on the internet? Some of you after you're caught hands down even shamelessly give excuses like "He was better than you. He came to me first." No, you are just plain wicked and a murderer! 

Let's bring it home a bit; do you know dating more than one person at a time is cheating? Does the Bible you believe in and would use to take your vow with the person you're marrying support it? Well, no one is judging you but just know that you can't share your testimony with the ones coming behind you without sprinkling it with lies. And if I happen to be a part of your testimony night and you tell unnecessary lies, I will CALL YOU OUT!

I won't spare you with the women supporting women mantra. Never!

A quick insight into heartbreaks from the masculine perspective for you too.

He becomes less trusting and vulnerable because he has come across you, the daughter of Jezebel. He can't commit fully to anyone else because you have wrenched his heart with your deception. 

Stop going about hurting people when you know you don't want to have anything to do with them! Leave people alone when you are already in a relationship or even when you just do not want them! Stop using somebody's child's heart as a playground for your wickedness! Stop dating people for the fun of it! Some of these brothers have done absolutely nothing to deserve the hurt they got from you. They are people's children. The person you are choosing over them is not even better, I feel great pity for him because he has fallen into the hands of a deceptive Queen who might turn on him one day too.

I don't think I exactly care about what made you do it and what is making you date more than one brother at a time, my own is LEAVE PEOPLE'S CHILDREN ALONE WHEN YOU KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK THEIR HEARTS!

Leave them alone now so their own person can find them on time. Pleaseee. 

I will be looking forward to you freeing that brother. 

Love and light. 

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