Letters to the One to Come - 24.


Dear Ẹniìfé, 

How's the cold treating you? 

The pressure on single people is worse depending on what part of the world you're in. 

It is mild and bearable in Africa. 

But if I would go by the tidings of friends who have 'japa', omo you'd be tempted to command me to appear. 

However, single people's lives matter and we will thrive too. 

I know this would probably intensify your search for me because the cuddles, hugs, and touches would be foremost in your mind this season.

You are probably imagining adding some flowers or chocolates to it.

Or maybe some cool guitar chords followed by a romantic piece. 

These are all good ideas and I look forward to days like this with you. 

But then, I learnt something recently. 

Asking people how they want to be loved is as important as loving them. 

Knowing what makes your partner tick helps you love them correctly. 

You can simply start by understanding what love language your partner responds to.

You will need to find out if acts of service or touches or words of affirmation or gifts and surprises or spending time together drives your partner to the moon.

This way, you would be able to channel your energy only towards the things that matter. 

Beyond this, you'd need to also identify how you want to be loved, Ẹniìfé.

This saves us from making unnecessary errors and having unending arguments. 

We'd only step into a foundation well laid and then build our future from it.

Again, love languages transcend beyond us - two intimate partners - and extend to other kinds of relationships.

Understanding how our friends, parents, and siblings want to be cared for would help our relationship with them.

But don't forget, you'd have to find yourself first before you find me or anyone else.

Know what makes you ticks first so I can be your correct babe. 

I will write again.

All my love, 

Rebekah 🤍

PS: I have an Important Announcement!!!

From the 25th letter, I would stop publishing letters here. But is that the end? Definitely not! I am about to take you on a beautiful love ride with another 25 set of love letters, these will be compiled alongside the ones on this blog to give you a sweet and captivating love series. Believe me, you are about to fall in love over and over again on this beautiful journey. You definitely dont want to miss this ride!

Well, you might be wondering why you should be interested... guess what? **drum rollllssss**  

I am having one of the best poets in Nigeria to contribute to the compilation. 

Honestly one of the best.

Nothing short of that, believe me!

You are single and need to find love yeah? Got you!

All you need to do is sit back, relax and anticipate the release of this beautiful compilation ebook on February 14.

I promise to communicate the price of the ebook as soon as possible.

Thanks for always riding with us!


  1. An awesome piece as usual!
    **a 24-hour standing ovation**

    I recall reading something similar to this some time ago and as an intentional lover, I asked my babe how he wanted to be loved. I remember he told me that I was already loving him enough. For me, communication is an integral part of every relationship, and we may have to deliberately ask our partners how they want to be loved. Of course, you have to observe some of the things they have a penchant for as this might help your quest to love them better. But then, those who ask questions never miss the road.

    That aside, I need to do more in terms of asking my family members how to love them better. Keep inking, dear Rebekkah.

    1. Oh my! I forgot to add that I can't wait until February 14 to savour the anthology. Eh eh!! (happy dance)

  2. Awesome... Thank you for putting this out there, alot of us haven't really thought of how we want to be loved as a person, this piece brings me to the realization that it is also important to understand one's personal love language very well.

    This is a classic piece. Welldone


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